Fuse Security is an industry leader in the field of mobile surveillance.

Our dedicated team are experts in following delivery vehicles, cheating spouses and delinquent employees and are equipped with the latest technology in order to capture that all important moment as evidence.

Fuse Security has the resources to use different vehicles for long term surveillance and are experts at adapting to their environment. Our surveillance teams comprises of investigators of various ages, race and gender which enable us to get close to the target and blend in, in any given situation.

We offer live viewing of the surveillance in progress if required.


Fuse Security offers a wide range of electronic surveillance, from hidden, covert cameras to GPS tracking. All our systems can be monitored live via the internet for our client’s convenience and peace of mind.

Systems and devices are available on a weekly and monthly rental.


Cheating Spouse
Delivery Vehicle
Delinquent Employee


Covert Camera Installations
Covert Vehicle Tracking
Live Remote Viewing

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